Xero Transition & Set Up

Let Acumulus smooth the way to the Cloud xero posters crop

To ensure clients get the most out of Xero, Acumulus offers customised conversion and setup followed by tailored training.

To start reaping the benefits of Xero sooner, call us in at the beginning.

Don’t spend your valuable time working out how to transition & set up your accounts in Xero.   Tell us about your particular operation and let an expert guide and train you.

About Xero

Xero is accounting software, but rather than a desktop system it is internet based  – in the cloud.  So you the business owner, your staff,  bookkeeper & accountant can login to the same set of numbers from anywhere.

Having accounting records in the cloud can work in many ways.   As the business owner you may login to view bank transactions or trading results. Employees can login to enter hours worked, to apply for leave & to retrieve prior year payment summaries.  Your accountant can directly enter year end journals and produce financial reports for tax returns.    Different user access rights maintain security.

Another great feature of Xero is bank feeds.  This means that your bank transactions are transferred direct into your Xero files overnight.  This operates with credit cards also.  So rather than working from paper bank statements or printouts from internet banking, receipt & payment data is available direct in your account records the day after it happens.    Additional features automate the way this data is posted to your accounts ledger.

Here is a summary of the main advantages of using Xero:

•               Access for multiple users from any computer

•               Automated bank feeds

•               Installation is seamless & quick

•               No need to back up

•               Upgrades including tax changes are automatic

•               Pay by monthly subscription rather than buying the software

•               Automation of many routine processes to save time

•               Options for attaching electronic files reduce paper storage

•               Appealing simple layout & intuitive operation

•                Continuing & timely product improvement


Need some visuals to paint a picture? This video might help:


Interested in moving to your accounts to Xero?  Contact Acumulus Cloud Bookkeeping and we’d be happy to help you.